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Flower Garden

#FindTheBeauty in everyday places...this project uses toilet paper or paper towel cardboard rolls! We will look at what's left over from these "essential items" differently and use paper tubes to create art that empowers us to expand our view of "essential." You'll be able to cut, color, and glue your flowers onto paper to create a garden.

This instructional video session will end with a meditation on guided imagery stroll through a flower garden. Mindfulness has a multitude of health benefits; learn more here. Be sure to take a photo of your finished project and share it with us using #FindTheBeauty or enter it in our Find the Beauty contest on Facebook by emailing it to Learn more about the contest here.


Items Needed:



Cardboard rolls are cut and then colored, and then are glued together into flowers. Paper can be colored with crayon or oil pastel, or colored paper/magazine scenery, old book pages may be used. Flowers are then glued onto the paper. Watch the video for instructions and mindfulness meditation!

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