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Decorative Upcycling

#FindTheBeauty by up cycling everyday objects like a milk or juice jug! This project will work with any type of plastic container, but think outside the box to make it into a lantern or even a house for children's toys like dolls or dinosaurs! This activity would be perfect for a rainy day when you're looking for something to do as a family.

The instructional video below will guide you through the steps. Be sure to take a photo of your finished project and share it with us using #FindTheBeauty or enter it in our Find the Beauty contest on Facebook by emailing it to Learn more about the contest here.

Items Needed:

  • Plastic jug

  • Sharpie markers

  • X-acto knife or box cutter (like this)

  • Acrylic paint

  • Paint brushes

  • Decorations (feel free to add your creative spin on this project with glitter, feathers, ribbon, etc.)


Take your clean jug, and start by outlining any windows or cutouts using a Sharpie marker. Cut those out carefully using an x-acto knife or box cutter. Use Sharpie markers to decorate around the cuts. Add flair with acrylic paint, glitter, feathers, ribbon, or whatever will add your unique spin to the project.

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