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Beach Art

Bring the calming effects of the beach home with this great project! The benefits of mindfulness come through different techniques for every individual. It's important to find what helps you the most and to focus on little ways of incorporating it into your everyday life. Read more about the benefits of mindfulness here. We encourage you to share your beach artwork with us in our #FindTheBeauty contest that will be ending on Friday, July 10th!

This instructional video session will end with a meditation session. Be sure to take a photo of your finished project and share it with us using #FindTheBeauty or enter it in our Find the Beauty contest on Facebook by emailing it to Learn more about the contest here.

Items Needed:

  • White piece of paper or cardstock

  • A white crayon or oil pastel (you can use gray or yellow, but white works the best for this activity)

  • Watercolor paint (can be liquid or a palette-we like this one)

  • Paint brushes

  • Salt

  • Dishes for your paint and clean water

Directions: Write your inspirational quote using your white crayon or oil pastel on the paper or cardstock. Be sure to outline it or make thicker letters so it shows through the paint. You can add decorative waves or other beach themed decorations with the white crayon as well. Using a brush and the clean water, paint a light amount on your page to wet the paper. Add layers of your watercolor paint next. Sprinkle salt over your page, and let it dry for at least two hours. This will create a fun pattern to your art. After it's dry, brush off the salt and you will be left with the texture.

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