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Join us for a Super Bowl Squares Fundraiser!

The winner of the Halftime Score Square will receive a payout of half of the sales ($500 if all sold) and the winner of the Final Score Square will receive a payout of half of the sales ($500 if all sold). PALS for Healing will receive the other half toward our healing programs for those who have suffered trauma and loss.

Anyone can play, just select the square ($10 each) or squares that look lucky to you, and we will randomly assign the columns numbers 0 through 9 to each column, followed by doing the same for each row. Each square represents a specific score in the game based on the column and row numbers. The winner is determined by looking at the last number in each teams' score, and then matching those numbers on the grid and seeing which square intersects those two numbers. The winner will be paid by check within 5 business days of the Super Bowl.

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