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Donating Money

#FindTheBeauty Art Contest

About the Art Contest:

During these tough times, we are challenging you to find the beauty in everyday objects around your house and create art with them as part of a fundraising contest to benefit P.A.L.S. for Healing. We hope you’ll get together as a family, or create a piece of art on your own, send us a photo of your creation (please email to, and we’ll include it in our contest. Share photos of your art with friends and family online, and they can make $1 donation per vote to vote on their favorite piece. We’ll be awarding a relaxation package (including a therapeutic reiki session!) to the piece with the most votes and a relaxation package to the person(s) with the most creative medium. 


The pandemic has affected everyone in some way, but as a mental health agency who serves those after trauma or loss, we are struggling to serve everyone in need. Many of our clients who pay for sessions with insurance are now unemployed and without insurance. P.A.L.S. for Healing will not terminate their sessions based on our mission of helping those seeking counseling. We need your help with this art contest that is not only a fundraiser, but also a lifeline of support to those after tragedy. 

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